Saturday, 29 September 2012

Variety of options for camper storage

The ones who are lifelong commuters, for them camping season never ends, this is due to the reason that they live and work in their recreational vehicles only. For the rest of people, who have procured the vehicles just for fun and pleasure are required to store their RV’s when not in use so that these could run a long time.

Reasons for storage:

It is very important to store the RV’s as these are equally costly as any of the other vehicles you purchase. For the same reason, it becomes important that you look for RV or camper storage service provider. Being a mobile vehicle is your investment too. You have spent your hard earned money in order to make your recreational time more expedient and enjoyable, so, matter could not be taken lightly. You have spent so much on your RV, now you would call for a service that is easy on your pocket and is worth also. Right!

Types of storage:

As per seem there are two roughly described storage. First one is in which you store your recreational vehicle either at your own place or at your friends place if you feel that your home does not have enough space for storage. This aspect is generally ignored because if you want that your RV should run long, it necessitates maintenance and security.

This is the reason that people count on professional RV and camper storage. Obviously, you’ll have to pay in this case but you are assured that your vehicle is absolutely in safe and sound provision. They park or store your RV in such a place so that it is not affected from the harsh weather effects. In this case, you pay for the service you get in return. Usually, monthly basis contracts are made due to their convenience. Such storage areas are properly fenced and have both indoor and outdoor facilities with 24 hours video surveillances.

5th wheel storage for seasonal visitors

Round the corner, there are seasonal visitors and winter residents who own their personal fifth wheels and trailers and a time comes when they necessitate storing the same. There are many service providers who make available with vehicle storage facility at a very expedient and nominal charge. This is far much better than paying for the gas refill which is required to store the RV’s and driving the same motor coaches or other motors back home.

Generally there are following 5th wheel storage available:
  •  Enclosed garage: it is by and large a private, roll down steel door garage that sizes up to 50 feet deep and is used to store most of the motor coach and other motor home storage. This type of garage that is absolute enclosed is the one that gives maximal protection and is best to store all type of recreational vehicles.
  • Covered carport: this is also 50 feet deep and is best choice for fifth wheels, travel trailers, boats and campers.
  • Open garage: it is a type of outdoor parking and is regarded to be the most economical choice for fifth wheels, travel trailers, and campers. These are ideal for short term storage when climate is not a concern at all.
What storage companies can provide?

Companies are there so that adding to storage facilities, they even make available with a service that is easy on your pocket. For the same purpose make available with double parking. With this you could use the same space for two purposes. If you go for combos then you could easily go for 5th wheel storage, Jet Ski storage, travel trailer storage, SUV storage, motor home storage etc.

Safety measures made available by the company:
  •  Hurricane resistant
  •  Enclosed facility
  •  Entirely paved area
  •  On duty manager
  •  Secured and protected entrance
  •  Personal asses to the asset

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Idea to store you stuff safe and securely…

People are likely to keep more stuff than they require and it is a fact that having possessions costs money. It is also imperative to maintain and carefully store the bought stuff. Now in order to store the belongings, public storage was quite famous in past times. Public storage facilities include train stations, bus depots, airports etc. but even then the goods were not ensured to be stored safely. There was no freedom to the people to look at their stuff after certain timings. The type of goods that could be stored was also restricted to an extent in the public storage facilities. Also there was a lot of inconvenience, as at any point of the time the management could enter in your unit to check if anything was stored illegally.

Conversely, there are self storage facilities available these days. With such storage facilities, the people have full rights to store their belongings and the access timings are also quite flexible. The management does not enter into personal units except for some rare cases for instance if a user has not paid the monthly rent. There is unique privacy factor in private storages that they have conformation that the users are storing legal stuff in their storage space. This is why the self/private storage systems are more popular than the public storage systems. In addition to this, private storage offers ample space to store furniture or other equipments. Public storage facilities provide less space, except if one is renting units in some warehouse facility.

There a number of self storage unit providers who can of large space as for bus storage to small as furniture or other storage. Both the public and self storage facilities exists, however self-storage units has a number of advantages associated to it for the small businesses as well. Some of the benefits of private storage units are as follows:
  • This type of unit is quite well suited due the reason that user has the access to their storage from earlier in the day till later in the night. This has allowed the small business owners to continue their business in an efficient way by carrying out storage related works more conveniently. Even more, storage units are relatively cheaper that than acquiring a store or warehouse to store the goods. It also comes down to be economical than public storage units as requirement for large space should have resulted in renting few more public units.
  • Self storage units are of benefits for both business owners and individuals. These storage units come in various sizes. Heavy vehicles can also enter such units for comfortable taking and leaving of the goods. They can also be used for keeping vehicles such as for Bus Storage, recreational vehicle, collectable car, or a boat.

Public storage facilities at some places such as airports are no longer available. People who used these units for illegal purposes such as drug dealings or illegal money storing, were all the times caught by the authorities. However, this interference caused great inconvenience to the people who carrPRy out fair deals. The private storage units do not allow or promote such illegal activities but they provide a comfortable and private environment for the people and their storage. 

Keep your recreational vehicles healthy and safe when not in use

Recreational vehicles are one of the amenities very few people would like to invest upon. This is due to the large investment required at the time of purchase and maintenance needs of these vehicles. A recreational vehicle is a very important possession that will need much care and maintenance. These vehicles can be different from the other vehicles from inside but are similar to those from the outside and mechanical point of view. They are used less often than other vehicles; thus, they require a proper storage when not in use.

The recreational vehicles when idle can get exposed to external pressures like the sun, snow, rainfall, hail storms, wild animals and even thieves. This can cause a lot of damage to them and you may have to spend a lot of money on them for their repairs. To avoid such occurrences, you have an option to keep your vehicles safe and sound in vehicle storage in New York. These are the places which are specially designed for providing a safe and good environment to vehicles preventing any kind of damage happening to them. The interiors of these buildings are made from metal. There are arrangements for washing and cleaning of these vehicles.

These vehicle storage solutions provide adequate space to all kinds of vehicles. For the safety of these assets, these places are well equipped with compact cameras and surveillance systems that constantly keep a watch over the whole place. Before handing over the keys of your cherished vehicle to anyone, you should check the following things to be present at the place:
  •  Proper construction of the place: The place should be totally covered from all sides as well as from top so that there is no chance of any kind of environmental effects breaking in like snow, humidity or heat. The temperature of the place should be maintained.
  •  Security surveillance: The place should have high quality surveillance system so that it is continuously monitored and any unauthorized access to the place can be avoided. Fire alarms and extinguishers should also be in easy access.
  •  An insurance cover: The Company providing the vehicle storage solutions should also avail an insurance cover for the vehicle equal to its full market value so that you can get easy claims against them if required.
  •  Regular maintenance: A vehicle whether used or left unused, requires a regular look after so that the owner gets it back in the same condition as it was kept initially. You may have to keep your vehicle idle for a long time. A reputed company will know the importance of maintenance of a vehicle and will perform regular cleaning, tyre checks and engine exercising as a part of the service.
A company for vehicle storage in New York with all these facilities can be called a good vehicle storage company. Other additional facilities that can be expected from such a storage company can be pick and drop services from local airports and railway stations, stay facilities and 24*7 onsite management so that you can get your vehicle back anytime you need it.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lightweight travel trailers- own them and get benefited

Yesterday or maybe today, there must be a time when you had felt of getting excused from the day to day rat race that is both stressful and busy. An idea would have provoked that instead of doing work indoors, go out with friends and family and spend time. It is this time when travel trailers can be handy. Think that you are all packed heading out to a lake, camping, touring etc with up to date travel trailer that is all equipped with latest amenities. This for sure would a gratifying outdoor activity.

Lightweight travel trailers are also named as caravans that could be easily towed behind the vehicle and is capable of providing a place to sleep. Mostly these trailers come with popping out sleeping quarters. They are either hard or soft side or maybe a combo of both. An assortment of sizes and shapes are available i.e. from long to short. Featured tear dropped shape is also available. Trailers are famous in army and civil service after the name of camper trailers.

Loading up a lightweight trailer and heading out to a campground can be practical worth idea as it would save you a lot of dollars that would have been spent in paying hotel or motel expenses. These accommodations are replicated and are only possible with trailer, therefore even keep you away from spending hundreds of dollars of rent as a travel trailer could use over and over again.

These travel trailers are termed as light weight as these are especially designed to be light and many times weight near about 2000 pounds and measure 10 to 12 feet complete in length. These could be easily towed with a family vehicle and even a small truck. The travel trailers are made such that these could be easily drawn by the lighter vehicles and their design is generally made o be aerodynamic. This is because so that with very little drag on the highway would make them doubly capable of getting pulled by non heavy duty vehicles.

While you are in a sought for travel trailers that are equally light in weight and are just ideal for temporary living space while camping then lightweight travel trailers are the best option available with. The designs of these travel trailers endow with a higher level of comfort and the expediency that is highly appreciated by the smaller families. The retired or old age couples who don’t have grandkids or lots of stuff to haul around, for them also it is an ideal choice. These are easy to manage and organize.

With these you would for sure enjoy your camp and sleep well. When you are over with your camping, no worries these are very easy to store. You could either clean them and keep them in your garage or take help of some professional storage company that could provide you with a storage room or a warehouse. These companies are very handy and when next you necessitate the travel trailer, you can always take it back from the storage unit and head on to next ideal destination for the holidays.